Tuesday, January 16, 2018

ZooMoo Leo The Wildlife Ranger

Fun Art time,
Together with ZooMoo,
Leo The Wildlife Ranger...

 Leo, The Wildlife Ranger,
And his partner Katie,
Together with their sidekick puppy Hero...
Bringing us an exciting adventures,
On ZooMoo with a fun craft box...

First, cut out the shapes...

Stick it on the appropriate place..

 Follow the instruction..
And complete adding up...
The characters' special feature...

ZooMoo's Leo, The Wildlife Ranger,
Is an educational programme,
That aims to increase awareness,
And encourage appreciation of wildlife's diversity.

Episodes are set around the main theme,
Of helping animals in need,
And the importance of taking care,
Of the environment...

Catch Leo, The Wildlife Ranger,
On ZooMoo Astro CH619 12:20pm!~