Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ZooMoo's pinecone turkey craft activity

Special thanks to ZooMoo,
The world's first children's TV network,
Devoted entirely to Animal World...
For sending us a craft box....
With all the materials we need,
For crafting a cute animal:
Featuring TURKEY!~

The craft box,
Contains all these goodies...
To keep us busy...
During the holiday!~

Let's begin crafting:
ZooMoo's Pinecone Turkey Craft...
The instructions are super clear and simple,
And my kids can just follow,
Without mummy's help...

Step 1:
Apply glue on the back of the googly eyes..
And stick them on the tip of the pinecone..

Step 2:
Cut a small triangle from the orange felt fabric/

Step 3:
Glue the orange felt triangle,
Below the googly eyes...

Step 4:
Apply some glue,
On the back ridges of the pinecone..

Step 5:
Poke the stem of the feathers,
Into the ridge of the pinecone...
The instructions actually said,
We must make sure the purple feather,
Is in the centre,
Follow by the orange and then red by the side...
But.. we just like it anyway it is..
Yes, random one..

Cut 2 small turkey feet,
From the orange felt fabric,
Glue the felt to the bottom of the pinecone..

And YES!
This is our Pinecone Turkey,
For the holidays!~

Happy Holiday everyone...

ZooMoo December Highlights:
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Recycle House Art

I always enjoyed myself,
With the art work displayed,
While walking to Legoland...
Passing by Medini Mall...

Simply amazed by the artist's work..
Especially when it's made by unwanted boxes..

Indeed a very impressive piece of art...

 Lovely upcycling!~
Creative concept..
I wonder who those artists are.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Colouring Contest

Little princess..
Participate in colouring contest..
And won herself..
This Faber-Castell's 36 Tri Colour pencils..

Time to do more colouring...