Monday, February 22, 2016

Genting Art Exhibition 2016

Art Exhibition held...
In Genting First World Hotel Tower 3....

Featuring 25 talented artists..
Curated by Philip Wong...

The Acrylic on board,
Is artistically nice!~

All the art work...
Are painted by little artists...

Looks like an amazing abstract art!~

It's all displayed,
At the wall of Tower 3's lobby..

For enquiry,
Artseni Gallery & Genting First World Hotel


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  1. although i am not the kind of person who knows how to appreciate art, but the art pieces there seem lovely :) nice effort from the kids

  2. wow don't know they have art exhibition. Seldom go Genting now, been busy with kids life.

  3. It's good to have more art exhibition. Kids can trigger their imagination and creative through all the art works.

  4. I am impressed by the talent and creativity of these artists. I'd love to know the meaning behind these creations.

  5. loving those gorgeous art pieces.. and yes, the colours and designs are pretty amazing

  6. Wow! Little artists produced the arts? Amazing!

  7. Nice, don't know Genting have art exhibition too

  8. Art pieces are priceless! So nice we can see them at Genting now.

  9. wow..nice art. love that abstract art. lucky u can see with ur open eyes.

  10. love the colours! bright and cheery too! awesome job to put up piesces by the kids too.

  11. Beautiful artwork :) I didn't know Genting had these - and it is even more amazing to see the talent. Absolutely stunning.

  12. The art pieces are beautiful..can see them soon when i visit Genting...

  13. wow! all the art pieces so pretty and awesome! bravo to all artists! cheers, siennylovesdrawing