Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Eunice's Zebra

Came across this amazing piece of art...
When I browse through my facebook's timeline...

The unique zebra..
Is drawn by my Unimate's daughter,
Little cute Eunice...

I love the way....
She drawn the stripes..
Of the cool zebra.....
It makes her one and only zebra,
Extra special....

The unsymmetrical of the zebra's eyes,
Makes me feels that,
This zebra got really special character!~

And I like the way it smiled~~~
With the leave-alike mouth!~

The colour toning,
For the background..
Makes the zebra,
Extra stand out, too!~

I personally think..
This piece of art..
Is beyond a kid's standard...
Don't you think so?

It's really amazing!~

Try spot the little artist here, too!