Monday, June 22, 2015

Disney's Art Attack - ZigZag Elephant Photo Frame

Catch the new host of..
Disney's Art Attack...
Marco M. Borromeo..
On Disney Channel (Astro CH615)
Every Saturday and sunday,
At 12 Noon!~

Marco is the brand new host,
Of Disney's Art Attack!~
Hailing from Cebu City, the Philippines,
32-year-old Marco is a familiar face,
Who models and host various programmes and events,
In his home country besides dabbling in acting as well...
Including 'The Boston Kitchen' (Kitchen Musical)
And MNL in 2014...

So, join Marco and unleash,
Your inner Picasso,
With everyone's favourite art show!~
Now in its fourth season,
Disney's Art Attack,
Is the award-winning program,
That has introduced millions of children,
To the joy of art..
Fret not if you can't paint,
Within the lines...
And don't worry,
If your dog clay model,
Looks like a mouse...
Will show you that all you need is,
Lots and lots of creative ideas,
And loads of enthusiasm..

What are you waiting for?
Tune in and be ready to get Art Attacked!~
Are you ready for the new Art Attack?
I'm definitely ready!~
Let's explore together,
How we made ZigZag Elephant Photo Frame...

Prepared what we need:
Thin Card,
Photograph or pictures,
Coloured Paper,
Trace around one of our pictures,
Onto some thin card,
Draw a thick frame around it.

The cardboard is for supporting purpose.
Little prince choose purple,
As the main colour of his elephant photoframe...

Cut it out..
Following the lines that we drew previously...

It's really a great bonding session...
To work together....
It's extra meaningful....
Putting our sweet memories aka photos,
Into something we made together...

Draw around the card frames,
Onto some coloured paper.
Mark the four inside courners.
Repeat twice more,
Then cut them out,
So we have 3 rectangles..

Lay the edge of the frame,
On top of another thin piece of card,
And mark around it.
Use the marks as a guide..
Draw the elephant's head....
Cut it out.

Add the details like eyes,
To your drawing....

 Do the same for elephant's back legs and tail.

Glue two thin strips of card,
Between the head and middle frame,
And another between the middle and tail frame.

Leave a small gap,
So you can fold the thin strip of card.

Put glue on the back of your photos,
And stick them to the coloured pieces of paper,
Glue the card with the photographs into position,
On the back of the elephant frame.

Glue the elephant's head onto the left edge of one of the frames,
And the elephant's back legs onto the right edge of another one of the frames..

When the glue is dry,
We can stand our zig zag elephant photoframe upright.
Our ZigZag Purple Elephant Photo Frame!~

For more details on the new season of Art Attack,
Just log on to,
Or today!~

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vitagen's Health Tour & Colouring Contest

Little prince and Little princess,
Join Vitagen's Health Tour,
And Colouring Contest...

Little baby prince was really busy,
Running around and enjoy the event very much!~

Unable to snap their coloured masterpiece,
As following little baby prince's footsteps...
And they pass up before I'm able to snap..

Didn't win any prizes,
But it's a good exposure and experience for them..