Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flower Making

I made flowers,
With my little princess...
Little baby prince wanted to try too..
But I guess the steps are a bit too hard for him...

I drew the outline..
And little princess cut it..
Purposely leave it the way she cut it..
You might see the cornering twist is not as perfect..
But I just like to leave it that way..
That proof my kids did it,
All by themselves...
I pretty love this rose very much..
But little princess complained:
Why my rose smells like glue?

Which gives me a little laugh..
I don't know she's expecting it smells like the real flower..
Maybe I should consider,
Spraying some fragrance on the flower,
Should I?

Making Daisy, perhaps...
Sticking the flower's petal...
Petal by petal....
Requires a bit of skills here..
But I'm pretty impressed,
My little princess done it very well!~
Good job, darling!~