Monday, March 30, 2015

Spotlight - Crafty Bag

Besides making Pom Pom Elmo...
I joined media's craft session,
To decorate crafty bag....
We may draw anything we like..
With pencil..
And start poking the colourful stuffy...
Into the sides on the bags....

I draw a simple heart shape..
And choose pinky colour,
As I wanted to give it to my little princess!

More interesting stuffs,
That my little girl would love.....
At Spotlight IPC!~

I'm really looking forward,
For their grand opening of Spotlight The Mines...
As this branch is slightly nearer to my place...

Love their artsy crafty stuffy!~

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spotlight Craft Passion DIY Pom Pom Elmo

Joined Spotlight Media Preview..
And had a craft session with Craft Passion,
Making DIY Pom Pom Elmo Key Chain..

I didn't expect,
Making a pom pom,
Could be so easy,
With this pom pom-maker-tool!~

Almost big enough,
For my little pom pom...

I start cutting at the edge...

And it turns out to be...
Like this!~

After cutting it in a round shapes,
For Elmo's face...
I added details:
Elmo's Eyes, nose and mouth..
Of course,
With guidance and assistance,
From Joanne L,
Author of Craft Passion...

My version of DIY Pom Pom Elmo!~

General Manager Marketing of Spotlight,
Mr Jono Gelfand,
Posing with DIY pom pom,
But angry bird version!~

Don't forget to shop,
At Spotlight IPC Shopping Centre,
On it's grand opening...
On 14 March 10am!~