Monday, July 29, 2013

The Big Mouth!

Using paper plates,
Folded into half......
My little prince and little princess......
Colour and added,
Imagining what's in the big mouth......

Adding tongue and teeth....
Into their big big mouth....

Little prince added red colour border,
As the lips...

After the art session,
They have a great time...
Playing around with their big mouth...
Pretending themselves as big shark,
'Biting' each other....
Lots of fun laughing time!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Image Reform Convention

Image Reform Convention...
Organized by Arts & Craft Club of UCSI University...
They'll donate 50% of the profit to charity...
Go over and support the meaningful stylish event!~

Brands from Mary Kay,
Backstage Academy,
La Angela Academy,
& Other boutiques...
Will have a series of fashion show,
Hair show,
Skin care & make up demonstration,
Present on the stage...

Lucky draw with electronic gadgets,
Personal make up vouchers,
Will be given out on that day..

Tea break is included, too!~

Everyone will be given a mystery gift,
While stock last....

Tickets will also be sold RM30 per person,
On 27 July (Saturday),
At 11:30am until 50m,
In Multipurpose Hall at UCSI University Block A...

Anyone who's interested to attend the event,
Or wanted to know more may contact Stella Ling..
Her email address:,
Her contact no: 017-5551939

Monday, July 22, 2013


My little princess,
Like to do a lot of drawings...
Plus colouring~~~~~~

She is totally free,
To choose her choice of colours....
She can colour a lion with red and blue....
And I won't be correcting her........

After all,
Art is all about imagination and creativity!~
There's no right and wrong in art...........

Friday, July 19, 2013

Esse Charity Art

Today is the big day!~
If you spot any beautiful children art work...
That I posted up these few days.....

Please head over to Annexe Gallery now~~~~~~
To own the art work....
The money will goes to SHELTER,
To help the children in need.....

More art works to display!~

Naturally flowers,
Lee Wei, 4...
Using the most original finger painting of flowers with smiling faces!~

How Human Destroy,
Yeong Rei, 7...

 Rabbit's Home...
Hooi Ker Ying, 6

The art of Gardening..
Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore...

Lau Hui Jia, 6, Malaysia...
Malaysia depicting the happy farmers,
Working and waiting for a good harvest...
 An alternative version,
Of little Red Riding Hood...
Where the wolf became a trusted friend..
And they go on an outing together..
By Jason..

 Excitement of Mountain climbing,
Theng Wan Yee, 6,
Inspired by imaginations of school teacher,
Bringing them for an awesome mountain climbing event!

 Farm Village, Kar Yee

 In the World Trees become pencils,
Alice Lim Sze Yuan, 8,
A futurist imagination,
Where on day would all be transformed,
To pencil..

Mechanic Thrash Eater Snake,
Julianne Yao Sue Ern, 8,
This snake has super power skill,
To be able to eat up all the rubbish,
On the earth!~

Paradise Village,
Jared Lee, 8,
Beautiful Village,
With everything serene and peaceful.....

The Fairies Home,
Cherly Liew Xing Hui, 7,
In a happy place,
There's a home for little fairies,
Who love keeping the flower healthy and clean!~

My Home,
Jia Huai

Esse Gives Back to SHELTER continue... For those who missed the event on the 19th, please support us by visiting Artemis Art Gallery from 29th July to 5th August. Part of the remaining artworks will be there and waiting for someone to bring them home.

Address: Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-6211 1891
Hours: 10:00 am–8:00 pm
Date: 29th July 2013 - 5th August 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Esse Charity Event

Tomorrow is the day...

Support this meaningful charity event,
Support the young artists,
Show your appreciation to nature,
And most importantly,

More of the little artists' art work:

My Garden,
Zoe Anderson, 6, USA....

Dream Lake,
Zoe Anderson, 6, USA.

A Rainbow Day,
Karan Rao, 4, Singapore...

Spanish Sunset,
Natalie Yong, 7, Singapore..

My Dream,
Flora, 11, Myanmar, SHELTER.

Peter's Riverside..
Peter, 12, Myanmar, SHELTER

An apple a day...
Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore..

 Beautiful scenery of starry-starry night..
Teh Yoke Peng, 11...
"Inspired from the Van Gogh's work Starry-starry night.
Amazing night scenery of our mother nature.."

Outings on a sunny day with Sherman,
Sherman Wong, 4.5, Hong Kong..

Floral Fireworks,
Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore...

My Garden of Sunflower,
Mihika Rao, 9, Singapore..

Starry Night by the pond..
Aidan Lau, 6, Hong Kong..

Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore..

Happy Garden with butterflies, flowers and blue skies...
Sin Yen, KL....

Humairaa Wahid, 13, South Africa,
Afica's Prides...

Children Art For Charity

Esse Organic Skincare....
Gives back Shelter Home for Children...
Children Art Charity event...
@ Annexe Gallery,
On 19 July 2013.....

The vision of African Sunset..
Wisdom is like a baobab tree;
No one individual can embrace it - Akan Proverb..
Grace Wong, 15, Malaysia.

Whimsical Tree
Charmaine Ng, 14, Malaysia

Matthew's Riverside,
Matthew, 9, Myanmar, SHELTER.

Charmaine Ng, 14, Malaysia..

Rocky Mountains
Ben, 11, Myanmar, SHELTER..

My Sunset Valley,
Mihika Rao, 9, Singapore..

Memory of my village
Florence, 13, Myanmar, SHELTER

The Big Tree,
Natalie Yong, 7, Singapore..

Mary's Village
Mary, 9, Myanmar, SHELTER

Forest Garden,
Natasha David

Creation of God,

Cambodia Trip,

Evil Creature attacking the tree...
Tan Jun Yuan Damien, 10
Depicting some bad people
- Evils destroying our tress everyday...

Rice that never gives up...
Carol Lee

Monday, July 15, 2013

Esse Gives Back Shelter Home For Children

Don't forget...
To hop over ANNEXE Gallery,
On 19 July 2013...
To support...
The meaningful charity event:

Sharing more drawings and paintings......
By the children....
Meagan, 5, Hong Kong,
Little Furry Donkey...

 Jesmine Harmer from Hong Kong..
Summer Lotus: Beauty and purity..

Elizabeth Yong, 6, Australia..
A dog in the park...

 Meagan Lee, 4, Hong Kong,
Amazing Spiderfriends..

Meagan Lee, 4, Hong Kong,
Ladybug Love.

Another piece of art work,
From Meagan Lee also....
Friends from the ocean..

Bernice Jim, 4, Hong Kong...
Daddy lion and baby lion...

Aaron Lam, 5, Hong Kong,
Happy Frog..

Moses Lam, 4, Hong Kong..
Happy Elephant..

 Pia Steyn, 12, South Africa,
Our Feathered Friends..

Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore,
Just Hatched.

 Aden Wang, 5, Malaysia.
Under The Sea...
Natalie Yong, 7, Singapore...
The Two Birds....

Charmaine Ng, Malaysia
Inspirations come from the saying:
"We are made to leave a legacy,
Not a legend'..

Darkness and lightness of life...