Tuesday, December 20, 2011


They both made birthday cards,
For their wai gong,
For his birthday!~~~~~

Little prince now,
Can draw a cake all by himself!~
Little princess,
Still need mummy's assistance on making the card....

The next morning,
I asked the kids to bring the cards and pass it to their wai gong...

My cheeky son said:
Cannot just give like that,
No surprise at all!~~~~

He ended up,
Sipping the birthday cards,
In the newspaper.....

My dad reads newspaper every morning!~
And that's how he discover,
Two little cards,
Done by his grandson and granddaughter....


  1. Smart thinking very natural..Wai gong would be very touched to see those two cards.

  2. Nice birthday cards. May you have a blessed Happy New Year 2012 with abundance.