Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bloggers' Family Day

Attended Power of Play with Kleenex Bloggers' Family Day!
One of the activities is,
Each family need to come up with a piece of art work,
With our play time, as a theme...

What's so special about the art work?

Everyone in the family get involved,
Special bonding moment!~

No paintbrush is provided!
We need to paint with our hands......
Time to get dirty and colour our hands!~

Frankly speaking,
I'm really amazed with what Kleenex's Moist Wipes can do!
It cleans our coloured hands in no time!~
Just wipe it on our hands and the colour just vanished totally!~

Guess what!
We're the 9th to complete,
Our 'Playing ball in the park'....
And the judges think we're creative enough,
To be one of the 10th winners!