Monday, June 28, 2010

New Creation

Who said I must use paint brush,
To create my new art work?

What's the new tool?
A rope? A thread?
Something long...

Just dye the rope/thread,
With the colour of your choice...

Can turn it round and round,
Or anyway you like...
Can splash it, too!~

This is my final piece of art work...
No theme...
Just for fun!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goh's Drawing

Cutest drawings...
From Goh family's princesses...


More creations from Princesses ..

~~ Elyssa hedgehog looking dog ~~

~~ Evangeline illustration of Daddy ~~

~~ Evangeline drew all of us while Mummy helped to write the words - My Happy Family

Originated from 'Flower Mummy'

Darren's Spongebob

The next guest artist:
Darren's Spongebob!~

Personally think this is so cute!~
What do you think?

Guess who is this?? Spongebob?? ME.

Mommy and I did this 2 Sundays ago. This is the fastest craft work we did so far, completed in less than 30 mins. Initially mommy wanted to add some "hair" at the side but we don't have the time. Anyway, I don't really like to wear it coz it is very HOT inside. The paper bag is too "wide" for me. Anyway, it was a short and fun session for mommy and I.

Originated from 'My Baby Talk'

Broccoli's Sneezing Cat

The first little guest artist:
Broccoli's sneezing cat...


Broccoli was doodling something while I was having my dinner. He was telling me he's drawing a cat. When he showed me, there's only 1 cat. Which is the bigger head one on the left. After he had done. He added a cross and told me it's a ribbon. :)

Then he continued drawing. Another cat was born. :) A smaller head one on the right.

See his expression.. :)
Nowadays he doesn't like to give me a sweet smile but rather this kind of expression!!
Another one drawing at the back of this sheet of paper.
I am not sure what is it about.
He didn't explain it.
But I find it quite interesting. :)
See... so hard to smile for camera.. :p
But Mommy think you're still cute.. :)
Here are some of the explanation of the drawing.

To me, this is a great achievement! Although he isn't good in colouring. But I love what he draws. And they're kind of cute too. Big big EYES and big big HEAD.

Originated from 'Broccoli Ginger'

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photo Blog

A full collections of...
Little artist's art work...
@Mumcentre photoblog

Sea Animals with Cup Holder

After my finding nemo adventure in Aquaria,
I always request mummy to make sea animals for my art time...

Wondering what can be done,
With our McDonald cup holder at home...
Got this superb inspiration from Little Sprouts...

Mummy cut it out in these shapes,
And I colour it with different colours...

Cutting out some shapes as a based,
We stick the 'shell' together...

Our final product:
Sea Animals with cup holder!~
Crab, the one I like most...
Fishes, cutie cutie...
Jelly fish, I somehow think it looks more like octopus...
Turtle, with the huge green shell...

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Bean Bean Game

You must be wondering,
What's my bean bean game...
Actually mummy said it's sensory tube,
I found it's easier to name it as 'bean bean game'...

Red beans, Green beans, White beans...
Assorted beans...
What to do with it?

I need to sort out the beans...
The same colour goes into the same little container...
Mummy said it helps my fingers coordination,
Trains my patience,
As well as teaches me to differentiate the colours well...
Whatever la..
As long as I think it's fun,
What's more important than that?!

Ok, done!!!~

Later on I discovered,
The bean fits perfectly well,
Into my ABC which given by my ah ma...

What to do with the bean after that?
Keep it and play next time!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Daddy's Day Card

Why two cards?
One for daddy,
One for wai gong...

The cards are 100% my idea!
Of course,
Mummy's assisting me to make it!

I'm so concentrating on colouring...
And drawing my thumb print and hand print,
I also draw lots of 'love'......
They don't look like love shapes, don't they?
Never mind la...
These cards contain lots of my love,
To my daddy and my wai gong......

Right after my final touch with the cards,
I told my mummy:
Mummy, see, so beautiful!~~~~~~~~

Compliment myself pulak!

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Official Photographer?!

My new camera...
Made of unwanted box + toilet roll...
This time,
Mummy didn't wrap with colourful papers...
Because I need to take the photos out from the box,
After I snapped the photos......

What photos did I take?
Looks like I'm official photographer for FIFA World Cup!

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Paper Ship

We have more boxes at home...
This time,
I'm going to make a ship!~
Paper ship that can't float on water..

Make a shape like this,
As the based of my ship...

And wrap up with the coloured paper,
Chosen by me!

I'd love to add some face details to my ship...
With the tongue coming out!

While I'm playing with the aeroplane,
Fly... fly... fly...
Mummy take the ship and intend to fly like me, too!

Me: Mummy, yours is ship...
Mummy: Then?
Me: Ship cannot fly one!
Mummy: Erm.. then how should I play it?
Me: Like this, you put on the floor and sailing.....
Mummy: Not put in the water?
Me: Wet how?
Mummy: Ok, then put on the floor...

The best part is,
My aeroplane can land on the ship!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Paper Aeroplane!

We're trying our best,
To do our part,
To save the environment...

Other than wearing cloth diaper,
And if I can go diaperless,
Not yet fully though.....

This time,
We're having a new art time,
By using unwanted boxes......

Since we don't have two small boxes,
Mummy said we can cut the long one into half...

In order for them to look nicer,
Mummy and me wrapped the boxes up,
With coloured papers.....

Sticking them together,
And adding some details with markers......

Here it is,
My paper aeroplane!~

Take off.............

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Chop Chop Exhibition

Another piece of art work,
Using vegetables mold.....
This time,
Only with ladies' fingers and potatoes...
That's what we have in fridge for the day...

Mummy always want to guide me,
To use my hand to chop...
But everytime my feedback will be:
Mummy, my hand dirty already...
I want to wash!~

For the first time ever,
Art time with hand print chop!~
I enjoy of getting 'dirty' with the colours!~

Though the finger prints is not that obvious,
But mummy said it's a good start.....

After our visit to KLCC Aquaria,
I think it'd be lovely,
If I can use my newly learn tactics,
Which is finger printing chop......
To create an 'Under the sea' theme piece of art work!~

Mummy said I'm a great artist!~
Happy happy.......

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Sticky Egg Shell

What can you do with the egg shell?
This is what I did~~~~~~~~
(I get this idea from Disney Channel613)...

With corn starch powder,
Added with boiling hot water,
It actually become my 'super glue'!

Put the glue on the paper,
And I can stick the egg shell,
Anywhere I want,
Wherever I want...

Another fun art time..
Tired after sticking...
I can colour all the egg shell,
With colourful colours!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Origami Elephant

After watching art time from Playhouse Disney Channel,
I keep on request wai po to spend some time with me,
For my new art time.......

First art time with wai po,
We make origami elephant!~

I draw a super big eye,
For my little elephant!~

The moment mummy back from work,
I show her my elephant immediately!
Mummy's so impressed,
With what I can do......

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Birthday Card

This is the very first,
Self-made birthday card,
From me to my wai po.....

The birthday cake is drawn,
With little guidance from mummy......

I want to draw,
One big big flower,
to my dearest wai po...

Happy birthday!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Balloon Family

I'm going to make,
Balloon's family...
For my art time......

My little balloons,
Can 'walk' and 'hop'...
When the wind blows!~

Fun Fun Fun!

Originated from 'Little Prince'


Before wai gong and wai por went to Taipei,
I personally request them to buy me a toy handphone...

While waiting for them to come back from their trip...
Mummy and I made our very own first phone...

Oh yes!
I can hear mummy's voice from distance apart...
I can talk to mummy with this special phone...

Since our phone is not 'wireless'
We cannot go too far apart...

When my grandparents back from Taipei,
They fulfilled my needs! hahahahaha~
I get a cutie Doreamon handphone...
Thanks Wai Gong Wai por!


Mummy: You want to call wai gong or not?
Me: No...
Mummy: Why??
Me: My phone only can call Doreamon, cannot call gong...
Mummy: ........ (Somehow very true!)

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Colour Kit

This is my new colour kit,
Given by my wai por...
I'm so excited - Buzz Lightyear!~
My new favourite...
After McQueen of course...
No other toys can replace my McQueen, still!~

Start colouring Woody...
Can't really colour within the lines yet...
But mummy said I'm good enough...

And of course,
Buzz Lightyear!~
With the new range of colour!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Little Whiteboard

My new little whiteboard!~
It comes together,
When daddy purchase scott emulsion for me!~

Time for writing,
Time for drawing......

Oh! I am very busy now!

Originated from 'Little Prince'

Mickey Mousekersize

I'm one of the winner,
For Mickey Mousekersize contest!!!

I get a fantastic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse goodies bag,
With lots of mickey and friends items!~

I got a short message from Mickey & friends:
Oh! I'm the best!

Not sure if this short note is considered as,
Exclusive certificates of participation...

We received the parcel from Citilink,
In thorn condition + the parcel is opened...
Personally think that,
Citilink is the worst courier company with worst customer service!

Since there's nobody in the house while they send it...
We called and arranged with the office,
For self pick up in their office...
When my daddy go and collect the item for the first time...
They cannot find our parcel!
Lucky enough,
They still able to find it,
In our 2nd attempt to pick up the item...

Luckily the goodies inside is still safe and sound...

My favourite fruity piano!!~
With the special features of the fruity piano,
I'm able to play 'twinkle twinkle little star'
All by myself.....
I'm so impressed!
Mummy's so impressed, too!
To hear the song's tempo is totally correct!~

I sway my body,
And start to dance,
With the music in the piano!~

I can learn different types of fruits,
With this little fruity piano, too!~
How nice.....

My new art time!~
I made lots of shapes,
From the dough.....

While watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
I can do Mickey Mousekersize!
And now,
I can enjoy playing around with my new goodies!
Extremely happy to receive it!~

Million thanks to Playhouse Disney for the lovely goodies!
Million thanks to Parenthots for organizing such an amazing contest!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'