Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Amazing Portrait... by James Woo

Introducing today's guest artist:
James Woo...
A very talented friend of mine,
Whom is also the composer of song 逆光, 
Featured in one of 8tv Drama Series

Can you even believe,
No teacher is teaching him,
All self-learning?

Such a great effort he put in....
To come out with,
So many pieces of quality art work...

The famous instagramer,

She looks pretty in her photos..
Even prettier in his drawing...

He's always an IT fellow..
Guess that's why,
He really can drew Steve Jobs so well...

And thanks again,
For borrowing Steve Jobs' book to me...
Crucial for completion of one of my project...

Just love the innocent look..
Of this little cutie..

I suppose..
When it comes to portrait...
How an artist draw the eyes,
Really plays a truly important role..
In the whole piece of art work....

What do you think?

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