Monday, May 21, 2018

Juddy Roller Studios

I'm truly amazed...
By this drawing...
Very details....

It's an art work by..
Shaun Hossack,
Founder of Juddy Roller Studios...
And Artistic Director of Wall to Wall Festival...

Shaun Hossack is well known across Australia,
As one of the foremost experts on street art and urban culture.

As the founder and artistic director of Juddy Roller,
An influential creative agency,
That specializes...
In contemporary urban art,
Art direction,
And graffiti management..

He's at the vanguard of the national street art movement..

Shaun commissions artists,
From around Australia,
And the world to transform,
Countless blank walls,
Into priceless work of art,
That inspire communities,
Attract tourism,
And bring moments of joy,
To people's lives...

 Silo Art Trail in Victoria...

 Upper West Side,
Street Art Precinct..

Aus Open 2018,
Tennis Australia...

For more information,
Hop over to Juddy Roller's facebook page..

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