Wednesday, December 9, 2015

JE's Art

Felt amazed the first time I see this map...
It's drawn by a 5-year-old kiddo!~
The details are there.....
I can tell, 
Where Australia, Malaysia is..
By looking at the map!~
I think it's job very well done,
By Little JE!~

Then I found this caring cup!~
That he made while he's still 3 years old...
From my pretty unimate's fb...
That's his mummy!~
I though we are the only family,
Whom like to doodle around..
With chalk on floor....
Until I saw~~~
JE's family also did the same thing!~

Don't think about the mess,
Don't think about the cleaning later on..
Just a wash on the floor will settle all the problem....

Just think about the fun,
Just think about the laughter..
Just think about the bonding...
You all really need to try this out!~

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