Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Most number of Play-Doh Sculptures Created

An attempt to break...
Malaysia Book Of Records....
With Hasbro Play-Doh!

Let's peep on how we...
Shape a colourful community...

Malaysia's development....
From caterpillar to butterfly!~
A beautiful transformation...

Our country is just like this colourful flowers....
With colourful culture from people,
With different races and different skin colours...

I see beautiful rainbow....
And bright future in my beloved country....
Although the Ringgits are not doing very good currently...
But as a Malaysian,
I always have faith my beloved country!~

Successfully made the national record...
"Most number of Play-Doh Sculptures Created in an Event"
At 1,899 Sculptures!~

Cre8tone family contributed...
3 of the 1,899 Sculptures!~
Cool, isn't it?


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  1. Wow... team work created 1899 sculptures... amazing right!!!!! I am really impressed our kiddies are all so amazing...and their moms too...hehehe

  2. I recently went to a polymer clay art workshop. I think I prefer to play with that over Play-doh because the Japanese taught us not to waste.

  3. Little contribution like this can be so meaningful :) i wish to be a kid and join this too!

  4. Love to play this when I was younger, it unleash our creativity :P

  5. At times like this, i wish i was a kid again. but then again, im never too old for play doh :p

  6. wow.. so many people take part. sure kids love it.

  7. I used to play when i was younger. now i kinda miss it. :/

  8. and its a record! super awesome!

  9. wow,, nice..my daughter love playdoh too

  10. Brings me back to the days of the oily Plastercine.

  11. Awh this brings back childhood memories! Love the creativity on this one, so many sculptures in just one event. Well done.

  12. Amazing contribution babe! Also a great way to tell a story through playdoh :)

  13. ah this brings back memories. Would love to play this again :)

  14. I miss play-doh! My sisters and I love to play it much! I will buy it for my niece ya

  15. Feel like getting some for myself

  16. This is a fun event, I want to play with play-doh too

  17. I played PLAY-DOH too when I was kid with my siblings, had so much fun working out our creativity :)

  18. little kids should get to play with as many artistic things as possible no matter how messy, really good for their brain development