Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Easter Colouring Contest

My kids joined...
Happy Easter Colouring Contest,
Organized by Cheras Leisure Mall...

My eldest prince...
Came up with Pikachu,
And a grumpy monster..

Actually his initial idea,
Was to come out with Pikachu & Minion..

His little brother messed up the colour of his egg...

He's sitting there grumpily,
Feeling angry with his brother...
Don't know what to do....

And then,
He tried to request for a new egg from the organizer,
But to no avail,
Since they have to be fair to all the participants..

Later on,
He coloured the whole egg in dark blue..
And added eyes and some details...
To transform the egg into a monster...

His pikachu was a bit messy,
As his hands wasn't completely dried up,
With the dark blue,
When he touched his nicely coloured pikachu..

It's not perfectly done...
But I see his 'problem solving' skills..
I think it's a job well-done for him!~

My little princess,
Firmly wanted to transform her egg into bunny,
Since Easter is all about rabbit and bunny...

She coloured another egg in yellow,
And draw a happy girl which represents herself..
Happily celebrating Easter!~

Little baby prince just joined,
To feel the fun..
He painted not only eggs,
But also his hands and his clothes...

They didn't win anything big..
But every children participating,
Get a nice present...
For their Easter celebrations!~

Thank you!~
Cheras Leisure Mall...

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