Thursday, July 31, 2014

Garden Full of Flowers

We used variety of
Beans and vegetables,
As mold for our chop...

To come up with a garden,
Full of flowers...

Can you recognize,
Which shapes is from which vegetables / beans?


  1. Is the rose using the bottom of a celery?
    Baby Bak choy works well too.. I also love when I chop celery sticks... the edge gices a very nice curve / "c" shape too..

  2. Oh gosh
    what a great idea.
    pls post step by step.
    lovely <3

  3. this is such a lovely idea, especially for children. It is always a very mess free way of doing arts and crafts with kids.

  4. Was this post inspired by a garden or vegetables? Did you use a cucumber for the Roses?

  5. the rose stamp is so cute! we used to do this activity at school when i was little >XD

  6. I made this before when I was young and really good artwork for children. It makes you feel the boundaries of your imagination as real.

  7. Pricilla, it's root of bak choy.. not celery.. I love the outcome..

    Hina. Thanks for loving it.. Ok, I'll post step by step next time I do it with my kids..

    Sophie,not really mess free actually, mess-less I'd say.. :p

    Sherry, Thanks..

    Rane, Both, I suppose? haha!~ Nope, it's the bottom of bak choy..

    Yan Birog, it's cool right?

    Fernando, I like the part when you mentioned boundaries of imagination as real! It's really cool if every imagination became real! Haha!

  8. I used to do this with my younger cousins back in the day. It was a good way to recycle the inedible parts of the plant!

  9. What a beautiful design. I love that you used familiar vegetables for the design. It's great to see the creative beauty of it.

  10. Awww. the flower is beautiful... It need tons of effort to learn I guess..

  11. Such a great idea, you should do a tutorial!

    Francine A

  12. That's really artistic. The beans and veggies looking like a flower.

  13. What an awesome activity with the kids or even those kids-at-heart! And yes I recognize the veggies that you used too!

  14. Phylicia, I bet your younger cousin love this activity, too!~

    Eliz, thanks for liking our art work..

    Sin Yee, it's not as tough as you imagine.. try it out..

    Rebecce, will do so if I happen to do it with my kids next round..

    Franc, thanks!~

    Karen, kids will love it for sure!

  15. Amazing idea! I actually use spoons on each planted seeds and write it with names of the beans on spoons :D

  16. This is absolutely superb work. And i agreed with Rebecca Maria you should write a tutorial.