Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Esse Charity Event

Tomorrow is the day...

Support this meaningful charity event,
Support the young artists,
Show your appreciation to nature,
And most importantly,

More of the little artists' art work:

My Garden,
Zoe Anderson, 6, USA....

Dream Lake,
Zoe Anderson, 6, USA.

A Rainbow Day,
Karan Rao, 4, Singapore...

Spanish Sunset,
Natalie Yong, 7, Singapore..

My Dream,
Flora, 11, Myanmar, SHELTER.

Peter's Riverside..
Peter, 12, Myanmar, SHELTER

An apple a day...
Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore..

 Beautiful scenery of starry-starry night..
Teh Yoke Peng, 11...
"Inspired from the Van Gogh's work Starry-starry night.
Amazing night scenery of our mother nature.."

Outings on a sunny day with Sherman,
Sherman Wong, 4.5, Hong Kong..

Floral Fireworks,
Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore...

My Garden of Sunflower,
Mihika Rao, 9, Singapore..

Starry Night by the pond..
Aidan Lau, 6, Hong Kong..

Ralph Jace Hill, 3, Singapore..

Happy Garden with butterflies, flowers and blue skies...
Sin Yen, KL....

Humairaa Wahid, 13, South Africa,
Afica's Prides...

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