Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Children Art For Charity

Esse Organic Skincare....
Gives back Shelter Home for Children...
Children Art Charity event...
@ Annexe Gallery,
On 19 July 2013.....

The vision of African Sunset..
Wisdom is like a baobab tree;
No one individual can embrace it - Akan Proverb..
Grace Wong, 15, Malaysia.

Whimsical Tree
Charmaine Ng, 14, Malaysia

Matthew's Riverside,
Matthew, 9, Myanmar, SHELTER.

Charmaine Ng, 14, Malaysia..

Rocky Mountains
Ben, 11, Myanmar, SHELTER..

My Sunset Valley,
Mihika Rao, 9, Singapore..

Memory of my village
Florence, 13, Myanmar, SHELTER

The Big Tree,
Natalie Yong, 7, Singapore..

Mary's Village
Mary, 9, Myanmar, SHELTER

Forest Garden,
Natasha David

Creation of God,

Cambodia Trip,

Evil Creature attacking the tree...
Tan Jun Yuan Damien, 10
Depicting some bad people
- Evils destroying our tress everyday...

Rice that never gives up...
Carol Lee

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