Thursday, October 21, 2010

MyPlaySchool's Math Start books

My will be giving away 3 Math Start books each to 3 lucky winners; The 3 Little Firefighters, Beep Beep Vroom Vroom and The Best Buddy Counts.

What is Math Start?

A quote from the author Stuart Murphy on the Math Start series of books;

'The MathStart books are about telling stories using pictures, words and math. Pictures are important because many children are visual learners. They learn new concepts and new ideas more easily through diagrams and models than through text and numbers alone. Words are important because kids like stories. Stories are a way to demonstrate mathematical ideas in contexts that kids care about and show how math is used in their own lives. Math, of course, because understanding and enjoying mathematics is an essential life skill.'

Please fill in the form in My site to participate in the giveaway!


  1. made these? hopping over to submit right now

  2. No la.. Just merely sharing the giveaways...

    Good luck!

  3. Alice, thanks... You can participate, too!