Tuesday, August 3, 2010

XY & XJ's Fishing Game

It's not only about the fun our little one have,
During the process of coming out with their art work.....
It's also about the games they can play,
With their own art work!~
The involvement making their game session super fun!

Introducing XY and XJ,
With their self-made fishing game.....
The best part of all is:
It's indeed a happy family fun game!


Last weekend, we had a fun time with the kids.

We made our own fishing game !

A variety of sea creatures. Some are drew by YX and some I traced from his sand toy mould. The frogs are from here.

Hubby made the fishing rod from the balloon stick.

The happy boy enjoyed his fishing game

And baby join in the fun too !

Originated from 'An On-line Diary to Share'