Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mummy got this idea,
From Ryan and his mummy...
But we can't find anything really round.....
We decided to use M&M chocolate.....
*Mummy need to keep an eye on me,
So that I won't be eating the 'coloured' chocolate.. ha!

Dipping the chocolate into my colours.....
I put it in the 'box'...
And keep on rolling~~~~~~~

This is how my abstract painting looks like......
The rolling part is super duper fun!~
Thanks Aunty Doreen for sharing this idea,
In little Ryan's blog...

I like it so much!
And come out with another piece of art work!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'


  1. Oh yes...this give me a great idea on what to do next for Sarah's painting.
    Thanks to you and Doreen.

    I think you may use the same application/method for toys car (roll the wheel with colour and later on the paper). I got the idea from my fren.

  2. Yah.. thanks to Doreen..

    Lazy to clean toy car after the art time.. haha~ The choco ball can just throw away after use..