Friday, July 9, 2010

Juan Juan's Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the best Jigsaw Puzzle I've ever seen.....
It contains a love of mummy to her kiddo.......
The bonding time and the effect to come up with,
Their own personalized self-made jigsaw puzzle!~
Juan Juan and her toy story puzzle!~


Yesterday right after afternoon tea, mama found Juan Juan was feverish with her body temperature 38.3 degree celsius. After having her paracetamol syrup, her body temperature reduced in the evening but rosed back to 38.6 degree celcius at night. This morning although her fever seems subsided, mama still decided not to send her to the Montessori since her body temperature is quite fluctuating. Thus mama decided to spend this quality morning by doing something she likes, which are related to CRAFT, JIGSAW PUZZLE and her favourite CG characters, WOODY and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!

We need some paper cardboards, which mama dismantled from paper boxes, and Toy Story 3 posters that papa printed online for Juan Juan early on.

Juan Juan picked her favourite poster, then mama helped to trace its' outline on a piece of cardboard with pencils and ruler.

Then, mama cut out a frame according to the outline mama had traced, and kept the centrepiece of the cardboard.

For the base of the frame, mama traced the frame on a piece of paper cardboard and cut it out.

Juan Juan applied paper glue on the centrepiece of the frame before sticking her favourite poster on it.

Mama let her draw the tracing lines for her puzzle(right at the back of the centrepiece)................. but it seems her creativity is way beyond mama's ability, thus mama didn't apply her 'ideas' for her custom made puzzle(sorry my dear)! Reminder: It's hard to cut according to the tracing lines if its' shapes are too odd!

Juan Juan applied glue on the frame and pasted it on its base, thada~!! Juan Juan has done with her puzzle frame!

It's time to colour the puzzle frame with poster colours! Initially Juan Juan wanted the frame to be coloured in her favourite green, but mama thought it would look nicer in blue. She thought for awhile and gave in with mama's idea, later she found it's quite interesting to combine both blue and white, which turned out to be light blue, she loves it!

The puzzle frame Juan Juan coloured, mama personally thinks it's very nice! Great job Juan Juan!

After the colours on the puzzle frame dried, mama trimmed the Toy Story characters from the other poster, while Juan Juan helped to paste it on the puzzle frame.

Here we present Little Sprout's 1st customised jigsaw puzzle!

Juan Juan enjoyed solving her new set of jigsaw puzzle!

Juan Juan pointing and showing mama the Toy Story characters names, she can name all of it correctly without fail!

Originated from 'My Little Sprouts'


  1. Thank you for the post! I love it especially the introduction!^-^

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. You're welcome.. Really loves your jigsaw puzzles! :)