Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vegetables Mould

Use varieties of vegetables,
As moulds for my creative art time!~
These are the vegetables mummy used......

And she cut it into different shapes~~~~~~

We no longer add water to our colour,
Just simply use the paint brush,
To colour the vegetables moulds,
And start chopping around,
With my new fun moulds!~

I personally quite like,
The flowers in my little art garden....
The next day,
I come out with another creative art...
This is fully my creation,
Without any help from mummy...
Do you think it's beautiful?
After watching Barney's photosynthesis series,
I understand that flowers in the garden,
Need sun to grow well......
Look what I draw in the middle my drawing:
Mr Sun, Sun... Mr. Golden Sun!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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