Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Paper Ship

We have more boxes at home...
This time,
I'm going to make a ship!~
Paper ship that can't float on water..

Make a shape like this,
As the based of my ship...

And wrap up with the coloured paper,
Chosen by me!

I'd love to add some face details to my ship...
With the tongue coming out!

While I'm playing with the aeroplane,
Fly... fly... fly...
Mummy take the ship and intend to fly like me, too!

Me: Mummy, yours is ship...
Mummy: Then?
Me: Ship cannot fly one!
Mummy: Erm.. then how should I play it?
Me: Like this, you put on the floor and sailing.....
Mummy: Not put in the water?
Me: Wet how?
Mummy: Ok, then put on the floor...

The best part is,
My aeroplane can land on the ship!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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