Monday, June 28, 2010

New Creation

Who said I must use paint brush,
To create my new art work?

What's the new tool?
A rope? A thread?
Something long...

Just dye the rope/thread,
With the colour of your choice...

Can turn it round and round,
Or anyway you like...
Can splash it, too!~

This is my final piece of art work...
No theme...
Just for fun!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'


  1. Thread can really make nice art.

    I use the normal type of benang and dip into colours and later shape it into a piece of paper (which have folded into half). Oh yes, remembered to leave a little bit of benang (Or I said a "tail") at the end of the paper. The "tail" later need to be pull out from the paper to create nice art.

    p/s: have to press hard on the paper while pulling the "tail".

    Have fun!

  2. Can you snap a photo on this or share in your blog? I wanna try out, too!