Thursday, June 24, 2010

Broccoli's Sneezing Cat

The first little guest artist:
Broccoli's sneezing cat...


Broccoli was doodling something while I was having my dinner. He was telling me he's drawing a cat. When he showed me, there's only 1 cat. Which is the bigger head one on the left. After he had done. He added a cross and told me it's a ribbon. :)

Then he continued drawing. Another cat was born. :) A smaller head one on the right.

See his expression.. :)
Nowadays he doesn't like to give me a sweet smile but rather this kind of expression!!
Another one drawing at the back of this sheet of paper.
I am not sure what is it about.
He didn't explain it.
But I find it quite interesting. :)
See... so hard to smile for camera.. :p
But Mommy think you're still cute.. :)
Here are some of the explanation of the drawing.

To me, this is a great achievement! Although he isn't good in colouring. But I love what he draws. And they're kind of cute too. Big big EYES and big big HEAD.

Originated from 'Broccoli Ginger'

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