Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bean Bean Game

You must be wondering,
What's my bean bean game...
Actually mummy said it's sensory tube,
I found it's easier to name it as 'bean bean game'...

Red beans, Green beans, White beans...
Assorted beans...
What to do with it?

I need to sort out the beans...
The same colour goes into the same little container...
Mummy said it helps my fingers coordination,
Trains my patience,
As well as teaches me to differentiate the colours well...
Whatever la..
As long as I think it's fun,
What's more important than that?!

Ok, done!!!~

Later on I discovered,
The bean fits perfectly well,
Into my ABC which given by my ah ma...

What to do with the bean after that?
Keep it and play next time!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'


  1. Good la, Sean really have the patience in sorting out the beans.

    I think I need to train Sarah with the game too. I guess Sarah will get frustrated, hehe.

  2. You try first la... Before I introduce this game to my son, I also have the same thinking like you... But it comes out, he really enjoy sorting games..